Tabletop Streaming Shenanigans

I really do want to blog more, but finding the routine hasn’t quite happened yet. I’ve found some time today so here we are!

What have I been up to lately? Trying to get out of my winter slump. My productivity for both work and personal projects has been low until very recently. I’ve made a few changes that I think have helped though!

First, STOP WATCHING STREAMING SHOWS WHILE WORKING. Like really, I’m not sure why I EVER thought this was a good idea. Maybe for a lunch break or something, but I need to know it off. I’ve been watching stuff ALL DAY every day while working. I’ve been back to listening to Spotify or hanging out on very chill Twitch streams that I can just have on in the background. It’s definitely helped the past few weeks. I also think taking some time off last week was a good reset too.

Speaking of that time off! I was going to just chill, play some video games, do some self care, etc., but I ended up working on a lot of my stream stuff instead. Mostly updated bots and worked on a tabletop setup. The tabletop setup took A WHILE. I was trying to use equipment I already had, and it mostly worked. I did end up getting a table mount arm that can give a really great top/down display. Figuring out how to use my phone as a webcam was… interesting too. Lemme share some pictures and tell the story!

The pictures above were the ORIGINAL tabletop setup. It may be hard to tell, but that dusty black binder is on top of the back leg of the tripod to keep it from falling over. You can see why that’s necessary in the second picture. We did a test stream with this setup, and it definitely worked. Was a bit dark on the tabletop, and it was kinda hard to read chat from the laptop screen, but it was functional.

For the “final” setup I have the new arm attached to the side of the table for the top/down view, added an old umbrella light, and dug out an old monitor. I also brought out the ring light from my streaming desk, but ultimately didn’t end up using it. The mic and camera came from my desk setup, so they’ll have to move back and forth a bit, but the monitor and umbrella light just get to live in this room now!

And while I sit here typing the mic and camera will have to move back and forth for a bit what I really mean is the camera will because I ordered myself a better mic yesterday. I’ve definitely been going a little wild with the streaming stuff the last week or so.

ANYWAYS, I’m looking forward to more board game/puzzle/tabletop streaming! Especially looking forward to showing everyone what it’s like to play board games with an almost 6 year old. She’s also very excited to tell people to “message us”.

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