Transitioning from 2021 to 2022

We all though 2020 was rough (and it was!), and then 2021 came along. I, like many, had high expectations of being able to travel again, see friends again, do new things again after receiving vaccinations. 2021 was a year of wild ups and downs. 2020 was pretty consistently down, but 2021 would get your hopes and then CRUSH THEM.

Like, truly. I posted about it last month, so I won’t re-hash here, but all the job changes were tough. Constantly having to cancel or re-evaluate plans was exhausting. We still did SOME things. Dayton breweries and Akron breweries, but we cancelled so many other things.

I was so excited to get back to my weekly board game nights, and I did for a bit. Then cases started jumping up again so I had to stop going. The kiddo is fully vaccinated now (hurray!), and we were looking forward to getting somewhat back to normal this winter, but then Omicron with skyrocketing case numbers again. I think we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that eventually one (if not all) of us will eventually get it. Especially once the kiddo goes back to school after winter break.

So yeah, 2021 was rough, but there were bright spots too. Continuing friendships that started through Discord in 2020, getting to see some folks in person as safely as we could. We were a little more relaxed over the summer about the levels of risk we were willing to take to interact with people in person. I think it was a good idea. There was some healing there.

So here’s the deal. I don’t want to look back at 2021 so much, but I do want to take a few things forward with me into 2022:

  • Practicing gratitude
  • Taking time for self-care in whatever form that happens to be
  • Continue to work on body acceptance

And for 2022 I’m not setting hard and fast goals like this year. I’m not upset about not meeting these goals, but I want to actually work toward more achievable habits. I made progress in every goal, but the goal shifted through the year. Which makes complete sense! Like, the year threw some curve balls, and those strict goals didn’t leave much room for change.

Thanks to a twitter reply I got when mentioning 2022 would be a year of intention this video really stuck with me.

I decided I would set an overall THEME for 2022. The theme being health. I like the flexibility of themes because health can mean many different things at different times. It could mean eating a more balanced meal, taking time for a bit of a stretch, working out, self-care, seeing a doctor, etc.

So for 2022 HEALTH will be the overall theme, and each season (or quarter) will be a more narrowed down theme. So for the first quarter of the year (winter) my theme will be MOVEMENT. Which, again, can mean many different things. Going for a walk, yoga, dancing, working with resistance bands, etc.

I feel good about these things, and after chatting with a friend I’m going to incorporate the 5-minute life hack into this. Each day I’ll set aside AT LEAST 5 minutes for health/movement, and after doing some additional reading I’m going o try to add this to an already existing routine. Like, after I brush my teeth in the morning stretch for five minutes… Or something like that.

Yeah, so, there’s my intention for 2022. I feel good about this. I’ll be using my bullet journal to track things like I always do. So I’ll be able to come back with a full report each quarter.

Thanks for sticking around for this NYE ramble. I promise more Sims 4 builds and posts next year too!

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