I took yesterday off work because I hadn’t been sleeping well this week. It was definitely worth it. I didn’t realize how much I was missing time to spend with solo hobbies. I played some video games, worked on a lego kit, and just sat outside enjoying the warmer weather. It was so nice.

Upon reflection, I really wish I could work six hour days instead of eight. Getting off work at three when the kiddo gets home from school. Having time to take her to the park in the afternoon or play with her every day before dinner would be so great. It would let me still have time for hobbies too. I’m not sure if this is even something I can make happen, but I’ll definitely dream about it for a bit longer.

Honestly, I’m not really sure why I’m even writing this… Other than just to write something. I’m struggling to feel inspired by work right now. I’m struggling to feel inspired by just about anything right now. I’m not unhappy, but something is missing. I need to get back to some form of daily movement. Rower, walking, yoga. Literally anything, but I’m struggling to even want to. I know, I know, I know it’ll make me feel better, and give me that inspiration I’m missing. Getting back to eating more fruits and vegetables and movement would be a great step. Maybe some day soon I’ll get there.

The one thing I’ve been greatly enjoying lately is Elden Ring. It’s not a game I would’ve thought I would enjoy, but I’ve been having a good time with it. The freedom to just run around doing whatever has been great. I can fight the fight or run from the fight. I can just run around and explore when I’m not feeling like doing something stressful. I can find the big boss guys and flag them to return later. The combat is difficult, but I don’t feel as stressed about this game as I have others.

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