Rambley Update Time

I started working on a post in April that never got uploaded. It was deleted. I started working on a post in June that never got uploaded. It has also been deleted. And now we’re here, to this. Let’s see… the last time I updated here was the middle-ish of March. So we’re about fiveContinue reading “Rambley Update Time”


I took yesterday off work because I hadn’t been sleeping well this week. It was definitely worth it. I didn’t realize how much I was missing time to spend with solo hobbies. I played some video games, worked on a lego kit, and just sat outside enjoying the warmer weather. It was so nice. UponContinue reading “Uninspired”

2021 Goals Update

I set my 2021 goals back in December. Now that we’re halfway through the year I thought I’d provide an update. I, honestly, haven’t paid too much attention to these goals so far this year, but wanted to see what I’ve been able to accomplish toward them. Read/Listen to 32 Books I’m feeling pretty behindContinue reading “2021 Goals Update”


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