Rambley Update Time

I started working on a post in April that never got uploaded. It was deleted. I started working on a post in June that never got uploaded. It has also been deleted. And now we’re here, to this. Let’s see… the last time I updated here was the middle-ish of March. So we’re about fiveContinue reading “Rambley Update Time”

Tabletop Streaming Shenanigans

I really do want to blog more, but finding the routine hasn’t quite happened yet. I’ve found some time today so here we are! What have I been up to lately? Trying to get out of my winter slump. My productivity for both work and personal projects has been low until very recently. I’ve madeContinue reading “Tabletop Streaming Shenanigans”

Transitioning from 2021 to 2022

We all though 2020 was rough (and it was!), and then 2021 came along. I, like many, had high expectations of being able to travel again, see friends again, do new things again after receiving vaccinations. 2021 was a year of wild ups and downs. 2020 was pretty consistently down, but 2021 would get yourContinue reading “Transitioning from 2021 to 2022”

Sims 4 Build – Stonestreet Apartments #4

I took a break from San Myshuno because the kiddo wanted me to put or Sim selves in an Evergreen Harbor apartment. The kiddo helped a bit with design on this one. I did have to go through and change A LOT of the clashing colors, but I kept true to her original layout. ThisContinue reading “Sims 4 Build – Stonestreet Apartments #4”

Sims 4 Build – 122 Hakim House

I’m still working through the San Myshuno apartments. THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM! Finishing up Hakim house for a Secret Agent couple I found on the gallery. Thanks to Liz620 for uploading Natasha Keyes and Jake Benton. They’re expecting a child so I made sure to have a toddler room ready for them. ThisContinue reading “Sims 4 Build – 122 Hakim House”

2021 Goals Update

I set my 2021 goals back in December. Now that we’re halfway through the year I thought I’d provide an update. I, honestly, haven’t paid too much attention to these goals so far this year, but wanted to see what I’ve been able to accomplish toward them. Read/Listen to 32 Books I’m feeling pretty behindContinue reading “2021 Goals Update”

I Completed a Video Game! Two Even!

I am not a person that’s good at finishing things. Sometimes it takes me actual years to finish a book or video game. I wanted to do better during the last 15 months, but kept finding myself distracted by existential dread and just trying to exist. Oh, and Animal Crossing and Sims 4. I alsoContinue reading “I Completed a Video Game! Two Even!”

Board Game Nights Back in Action!

A few weeks ago I wrote about still feeling anxious in public even after vaccination. Last week Ohio dropped its mask mandate, and I had to basically give up on even the hope that non-vaccinated people would wear their masks in public. With this information in mind, and watching the new cases fall in OhioContinue reading “Board Game Nights Back in Action!”