Never to old to Learn

It’s been a while since I actually felt like I wanted to learn something new, but after an Information Security conference and joining a new Discord group I really felt like learning something. I took it upon myself to dig into red team/penetration testing stuff. If this makes no sense to you that’s fine! I’ll start from a little earlier.

I work in information security. Currently working in IT compliance. Meaning I’m here to make sure we comply with whatever regulations we need to. It sounds boring, and sometimes it is. Other times it’s super interesting. On a quest to learn more in information security I decided to start leaning about offensive security. Otherwise known as red team. Otherwise known as hacking or attacking a system to see where people can get in or break things. After that part it’s report writing for other people to fix. Wheeeeeee.

In starting my learning process I downloaded a program to create a virtual machine on my computer. A machine inside a machine so if I break things it doesn’t break my computer, and I’ve been slowly re-learning Linux for the last few weeks.

This book as been the biggest help so far. It’s actually been interesting to dive back into Linux. It’s been about 12 years I think since I last went down this rabbit hole.

Anyways, I’ve been sick this week so I haven’t had the energy to do my usual Sims posts so instead you get this silly ramble about what I’ve been learning. Hope you all are having a good week!

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