2020 In Review

November and December kinda flew by without me writing anything here. I’ve been struggling to utilize my creative outlets and wallowing in seasonal depression. Those things have only changed slightly, but I’m here to reflect on the past year.

Last year, probably around this time, I set some personal goals for 2020. In September I made an update on those goals. These were the goals:

  • Lose 30 pounds and go to the gym more
  • Read 36 books
  • Write more
  • Play unplayed board games
  • Take Lizzy to the library and read to her all of those books
  • Visit more Ohio breweries

Most of these were made difficult to achieve due to Covid. I’m not going to go through all of these again, because really not too much as changed since September. I will highlight a few though.

Write More

I did actual get back to almost daily writing in the bullet journal. This was nice and helped me get thoughts out of my head. I was doing pretty good with the blog space too for a few months, but that fell apart once the colder months kicked in.

Library With Lizzy

While we weren’t able to go to the library for her to pick out books herself. I was able to get a pretty regular stream of library books into the house thanks to their curbside pickup. Which reminds me, I need to request more now.

This experience wasn’t nearly as fun as her choosing the books herself from the shelves, but we’ve managed to do some good reading through the year still.

A Few Bright Spots

While the goals I set for 2020 were mostly unattainable there have been a few bright spots:

  • I’ve made some amazing new friendships this year despite Covid. Thanks to Discord I’ve managed to make some incredible new friendships.
    • I’ve also found some amazing Discord servers full of supportive people that have helped me get through this year.
  • I’ve been able to support friends on their Twitch streams as they grew their communities this year.
  • I raised money on my own Twitch stream for several charities this year thanks to amazing support from friends.
  • Learned that the boyfriend and I can both work from home, supporting each other, without getting on each others nerves (too much).

Overall, it’s been kind of a hell year, and I know most of you feel that way too. I’m proud to have made it through in relatively one piece. I’m happy to have grown, survived, and learned through the last 12 months.

While Covid is still going to be a thing going into 2021, I’m working to be optimistic about what the year will hold.

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