Sims 4 Build Challenges – 100 Tile Starter

For this build I was given the shell in which I had to roof, decorate, landscape, etc. I was able to add interior walls, but any walls already in place had to stay. We were given a budget of, I believe, 20k (it’s been a while since we did this build…) to truly make it a starter home. A starter home is a house a Sim would be able to purchase as soon as the game starts. A single Sim starts with 20k. Below is the shell I was provided.

The shell was pretty straight forward, nothing too crazy so I wanted to get a little creative with the design. I used some custom content to try my hand at a Japanese style build. I put this house in Windeburg which is a German style area. So I did a mix of Japanese/German for this one. I really liked how it came out!

I imagine an elderly couple lives here. There’s room in the back for a small garden too!

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