Sims 4 Build Challenges – 10 Minute Build

I wanted to share this 10 minute build challenge first! One, because it was so much fun. Two, because it was sooo stressful. Three, because I think EVERYONE should try this (if you’re into building in Sims 4 anyways).

The idea is you have 10 minutes to build a house that can provide all the basic needs fulfillments for your Sim. I wouldn’t expect anyone to build anything extravagant in just 10 minutes. Keep is simple, meet the needs are the only requirements.

This is a small one bedroom one bath house. There is a tv and a bookshelf for entertainment even! I feel pretty good about this very quick build.

You may notice through the screenshots that it appears windows went missing. This is due to using custom content windows and an update that came through last week. Some screenshots were before, some were after. 😦

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