Sims 4 Build Challenges – Brewery

I don’t really remember why we decided to do this challenge, maybe just for something different, but I did enjoy it! This challenge combined two of my favorite things Sims 4 and craft beer. This was a very fun build for me. I remember thinking it would be difficult because I don’t build a lot of community lots in game, but I was able to draw on the dozens of breweries I’ve visited in real life to help with this one!

I put this on a lot in Brindleton Bay that overlooks the ocean. The rooftop bar as a great view, and I would 100% visit this brewery in real life!

Hope you enjoy!

I forgot to put this in my previous posts, but you can find this build on the Sims 4 gallery. My ID is noajayne. This build does have custom content so make sure you have that flag marked or you won’t be able to find it! I called it HopSec Brewery

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