2021 Goals Update

I set my 2021 goals back in December. Now that we’re halfway through the year I thought I’d provide an update. I, honestly, haven’t paid too much attention to these goals so far this year, but wanted to see what I’ve been able to accomplish toward them.

Read/Listen to 32 Books

I’m feeling pretty behind on this goal so far having only read/listened to 5 books. Here’s that list:

  • Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
  • Things we Lost in the Fire by Mariana Enriquez
  • Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais
  • Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch
  • Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

I’m taking more walks and listening to audio books, which is how I listened to Dead Witch Walking. Hoping I can keep that habit going as I work through my audio book backlog the rest of this year.

Write More

This I’m definitely doing. I’m writing almost daily in my bullet journal, and working to post here every Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve been doing a lot better at that second one the last few weeks. Trying to keep that ball rolling. I do fee good about the writing I have done, even if most of it is just for myself.

Slow Path to Weightloss

This one, this one has been completely replaced with body acceptance and learning to eat what I want when I want. This is why I read the Intuitive Eating book listed above. I’ve written an handful of blog posts about how that is going.

I’m feeling much better not obsessing over every little thing I eat, and I’m slowly learning to accept my body for the shape it is at each exact moment in time. It’s a slow process, but I’m feeling mentally healthier for giving up dieting/weightloss.

Finish Temperature Blanket

I did make some progress here early in the year, and I’m tracking it in my bullet journal. I was TRYING to make 14 squares a month for it, but that’s definitely fallen off my priority list since we’re peopling in public again. I feel confident I can still get this done though!

Secondary Goals

These were set as things I wanted to continue doing this year, but didn’t really have a set goal for them.

  • Play un-played games. There are 9 of them. That’s it. 5 of them have solo play too. No excuses
    • This is board games. I have played 2 of them so far. Now that I’m gaming in person again I think I can get through these pretty quickly, once I make time to sit down and learn now.
  • Keep reading with Lizzy, and let her go back to the library to pick out her own books once it’s safe to do so
    • We were doing curbside pick up book orders about once a month. Now the library is re-opened, and we’re going every 2-3 weeks. She’s loving being able to pick out her own books again, and I love seeing it.
  • Visit more Ohio breweries, again when it’s safe to do the thing
    • We have plans in October and November to visit Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland for just this reason. Hoping to get an Akron/Cuyahoga Falls trip in for my birthday in August
  • Continue with chill Twitch streams. Probably still not on a regular schedule, but when the desire is there
    • This is still happening, definitely NOT on a regular basis. I’ve missed the last few weeks all together, but I’m definitely still enjoying it when I get to it!
  • Continue working on Sims 4 world rebuild
    • If you’ve seen any of my recent Sims 4 build posts, you know this is going pretty well. I think that’s, in part, due to the fact that I started with the San Myshuno apartments because I wanted some easy builds. Not really sure what world will be next. This one is gonna take A WHILE.


Some goals are going better than others. One has been completely replaced by something different, but overall I feel good about what I’ve achieved so far this year. This doesn’t even include professional goals, which are going pretty well too. Starting a new job at the end of April which is going well so far. Learning a ton, a little out of my depth, but feeling good about it all.

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