2021 Goals

I set up my 2021 bullet journal a few weeks ago. Yay me for being ready! Which meant I wrote down my goals for the year. I thought I was keeping 2020 realistic, but thanks to Covid that turned out to be not the case. I’ve re-evaluated, and made simpler goals for 2021.

Read/Listen to 32 books

Reading/Listening to books is always a goal for me. Some years I do better than others. With the loss of my commute listening to audio books wasn’t really a thing this year. Hoping to combine listening to books with weight loss. Adding audio books to my walks/rowing/etc.

Write. Here, in journal, wherever. Just do the thing

Removed the work MORE. Just do the thing. When it feels right. No forced blog entries, no forced journal entries. Just do the thing.

Slow path to weight loss

Instead of setting a specific number goal (that clearly hasn’t been working for me) I’m going to check the trends. Fluctuation happens. Nobody’s perfect, as long as by the end of the year there’s been a deficit I’m good.

I purchase Ring Fit to go along with my indoor rower and yoga. Hoping some variety in home workouts will help keep me motivated. Also, if I turn on the Switch and see Ring Fit I might feel guilty enough to play that before I play anything else?

Finish temperature blanket

This has been a work in progress for 4 year now… I’m almost half done, and I created a spread in the bullet journal to help visualize progress. I have a feeling I’ll be able to make some significant progress through the colder months since we’re not really going anywhere on the weekends.

These are my primary goals for 2021. There are secondary ones that would be nice to see happen, but are definitely not my main focus. Mental and physical health are the main focus, and the items above will help with both.

Secondary Goals

  • Play through unplayed games. There are 9 of them. That’s it. 5 of them have solo play too. No excuses
  • Keep reading with Lizzy, and let her go back to the library to pick out her own books once it’s safe to do so
  • Visit more Ohio breweries, again when it’s safe to do the thing
  • Continue with chill Twitch streams. Probably still not on a regular schedule, but when the desire is there
  • Continue working on Sims 4 world rebuild

If I can make it through half the primary goals I’ll be happy. I’m going to set monthly goals using a bingo in my bullet journal to help keep me on track. Looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for us.

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