Sims 4 Build Challenges – 10 Minute Build

I wanted to share this 10 minute build challenge first! One, because it was so much fun. Two, because it was sooo stressful. Three, because I think EVERYONE should try this (if you’re into building in Sims 4 anyways). The idea is you have 10 minutes to build a house that can provide all theContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges – 10 Minute Build”

Sims 4 Build Challenges – Introduction

I thought it would be difficult to find things to do during Ohio’s stay at home orders through the early spring, but with the kiddo home and work in full swing it was pretty easy to keep busy during the day. Though I was starting to feel a serious lack of people interaction pretty quickly.Continue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges – Introduction”