Sims 4 Build Challenges – House for Created Sim

In this challenge Adrienne made a sim that I then had to build a house for based on the characters job, personalities, and skills. This was a super fun challenge, and really helped put into perspective that I much prefer creating homes with a character in mind than just randomly. It’s easier to think ofContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges – House for Created Sim”

Sims 4 Build Challenges: Underground Oasis

This was one of our very first challenges! A tiny home one was first, and I believe this was the second. This is where Adrienne convinced me to download CC, and I used quite a bit of it. I absolutely LOVED getting out of my comfort zone with landscaping and color on this one. IContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges: Underground Oasis”

Sims 4 Build Challenges: Witchy House on a Hill

Some of these challenges aren’t really challenges, like this one. “Hey, lets build witchy houses!”. In, my aesthetic, 100%. I love witchy builds. I decided to challenge myself A LITTLE with this one by using terrain tools to make the house on a hill. I think it turned out pretty good! I couldn’t narrow thisContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges: Witchy House on a Hill”

Sims 4 Build Challenges: 20k Starter

We’ve done a lot of builds using custom content. I challenged both of us to do a start home, a home under 20k, using NO custom content. You may ask why. The answer is simple, not everyone playing Sims 4 wants to build. Not everyone playing wants to use cheats to get money. Not everyoneContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges: 20k Starter”

Sims 4 Build Challenges: Fixer Upper Part 2

I was too lazy to get the BEFORE pictures of this build that was made for me to fix up. It would probably be more impressive if I had… HOWEVER, I did incorporate some of the items that were left behind by the previous owners. I didn’t move the fireplace, I kept the scarecrow, aContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges: Fixer Upper Part 2”

Sims 4 Build Challenges: Fixer Upper Part 1

For this challenge we each made a fixer upper, a house that needs maybe a little extra love, for each other to fix up and make new. Today I will share with you the run down house I made, and Thursday I will share with you the before and after of the fixer upper IContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges: Fixer Upper Part 1”

Sims 4 Build Challenges: Unique Living

If I remember correctly when we decided to do this challenge it was because we were flailing on another (which still hasn’t been finished), but I really did love how this one turned out! I wanted to do more of a sunken house with a rock hill around it, but I couldn’t get the terrainContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges: Unique Living”

Sims 4 Build Challenges: Community Lot

The Eco Lifestyle expansion came out early in our building challenges which had us deciding to do community lots. They added this cute little coffee cart to the game, and it was impossible not to want to use it immediately. I decided to make a small community garden. I figured this would be nestled intoContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges: Community Lot”

Sims 4 Build Challenges – Brewery

I don’t really remember why we decided to do this challenge, maybe just for something different, but I did enjoy it! This challenge combined two of my favorite things Sims 4 and craft beer. This was a very fun build for me. I remember thinking it would be difficult because I don’t build a lotContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges – Brewery”

Sims 4 Build Challenges – 100 Tile Starter

For this build I was given the shell in which I had to roof, decorate, landscape, etc. I was able to add interior walls, but any walls already in place had to stay. We were given a budget of, I believe, 20k (it’s been a while since we did this build…) to truly make itContinue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges – 100 Tile Starter”