Sims 4 Build – 1313 Chic Street- #21

Meet Mildred Martin and her six cats (thanks to Tomandbre12 from the gallery). Mildred is an independent artist living in a small apartment with her six cats. She loves the flexibility of her work and being able to spend time with her kitty babies. Mildred’s apartment is cozy and warm. I haven’t uploaded most apartmentsContinue reading “Sims 4 Build – 1313 Chic Street- #21”

Sims 4 Build – Torendi Penthouse

A new job assuredly does open. I have, thankfully, only been unemployed for just under three weeks, and I started my new job today. I’m very excited to jump into this one, but that’s not why I’m posting today! Since I’ve had some downtime I was able to work on and complete a large penthouseContinue reading “Sims 4 Build – Torendi Penthouse”

Sims 4 Build Challenges – Introduction

I thought it would be difficult to find things to do during Ohio’s stay at home orders through the early spring, but with the kiddo home and work in full swing it was pretty easy to keep busy during the day. Though I was starting to feel a serious lack of people interaction pretty quickly.Continue reading “Sims 4 Build Challenges – Introduction”