Rambley Update Time

I started working on a post in April that never got uploaded. It was deleted. I started working on a post in June that never got uploaded. It has also been deleted. And now we’re here, to this.

Let’s see… the last time I updated here was the middle-ish of March. So we’re about five and a half months later now… I want to say quite a bit has happened, but that’s not really true. Some things have happened, sure, but mostly it’s been normal, everyday things.

After re-reading that post from March I’m sitting here wondering what’s actually keeping me from eating more fruits and vegetables and moving more. Like, truly… what’s keeping me from doing these things? I have access to the foods, I have access to a lot of things for movement, and it’s actually pretty dang nice outside in the mornings these days. Anyways, that’s a question I constantly dwell on. We’ll figure out it someday maybe.

In May I went in for depression and anxiety screenings. Turns out I have both which truly isn’t a shock. I’ve been on meds now for four months. They’ve definitely helped stabilize my mood, but they’ve also helped me remember things I’d normally forget. Like, what time to go outside to get the kid off the bus. It doesn’t appear to help with period depression which I find myself struggling with at this very moment, but it’s still way better than nothing.

Listen, I’m just going on a ramble today because I haven’t updated in ages. So yeah, if you’re still here you can keep reading or move along I guess.

I’ve kinda stepped back from regular streaming… Have for quite a while actually. I’m not exactly sure why, but I just don’t seem to be finding the same joy in it that I once did. When my bff is available we do stream some Stardew Valley on Tuesday nights, but even my Monday night streams have seemed to die off. I did a few Lego streams on those nights that were fun, and maybe once the weather cools more we’ll get back to that. I have found that Having streaming on Monday and Tuesday, then board games on Wednesday, then date night on Thursday, then sometimes board games on Friday leave me pretty exhausted by the weekend. This is probably the subconscious reason I’ve stepped away from streaming. I bet once it’s not as easy to get out and be outside (due to weather) there will be more weekend streams with the kiddo. We’ve started playing Cat Quest 2 which she’s enjoying. So that could be fun to stream.

I’ve become re-obsessed with Stardew Valley, and I’ve basically been playing it (at least a little ) every day. I think it’s replaced Animal Crossing for me in that respect. I have Stardew on the Switch now which makes it much easier to just pick up and take a break with than it was when I was only playing on Steam.

Work has gotten moderately better. I feel like I have more focus. My lead left leaving a gap in our team’s privacy knowledge. So I’m working to fill that gap since it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a replacement. I’ve cleaned up a lot of stale information, and the team is a bit more organized now. It feels less scattered. Of course this could also be because we’re outside crazy audits at the moment… Until next month at least.

So, long rambling aside, overall things have been good. We’re struggling a bit with the kiddo and food, but will be working with her pediatrician on next steps. I imagine she’ll start seeing an occupational therapist. Which is probably for the best overall. Help her learn some tools to get her through life before she’s in her 30s. Alright, I suppose I should get back to doing something constructive. It’s almost time for our morning walk.

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