Job Changes are Tough

In April I lost my job. By the end of April I had a new one. I was lucky to receive 2 offers. Both of which were in my wheelhouse and seemed interesting. I don’t think I made the wrong decision choosing the one I did, but it didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t going to be a long term fit.

If my past working experiences and this last year and a half have taught me anything it’s not to stick with something that isn’t working out. So I started the job hunt up again. Job hunting is exhausting. Interviewing is exhausting. I really didn’t want to be at this again, but I had to make a change. I was finding myself so unhappy with my day to day that it was affecting me after working hours. I was so unhappy I was crying when any little thing frustrated me.

I talked with five recruiters, completed one cognitive/motivation/personality exam, went through three first interviews, and had one two hour long second interview. The second interview turned into an offer early this week. That interview came from a job posting that a friend shared with me. I feel so grateful for my network. So grateful for the people in my life. I gladly accepted the offer after having great conversations about work/life balance, culture, family, and connections. I answered every single interview question honestly. Provided examples of what I’m looking for in a work place which includes the time/ability to connect with people on a social (not work) level.

I’m now three months and one trip to Utah to meet co-workers into this job, and I’m still very happy with making the choice to continue looking for work. I have regular check-ins with my leadership on how things are progressing. I don’t feel pressured. I feel completely supported by my team and senior leadership. It’s such a great feeling.

I have learned over the last few months that I have some work related trauma to work through now, and I’m hoping to keep working through that while feeling safe in my current role. It’s such a good feeling.

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