Sims 4 Build – 121 Hakim House

I had NEVER updated the Hakim house apartments, and I wanted to get some more EA characters back in the game. So I decided to update 121 Hakim House for the Jang family. Anaya and Baako are an amazing, creative couple. Anaya loves to paint, and Baako is a well-known local comedian. Together they raise Billie who is a loveable goofball. This family LOVE bright, colorful pieces. I wanted to make them a great family space to enjoy their time together which meant their individual spaces suffered a bit in size. I really do enjoy how this one turned out! I know I keep saying that with each new apartment, but they’re all making me so happy right now.

You’ll be able to find this apartment on the gallery under my username (noajayne) with the name 121 Hakim Update

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