Vaccinated Ramblings

I’ve been fully vaccinated for a month now. A few things have changed, but many remain the same. We are definitely going out to places more frequently, but attempting to eat/drink outdoors whenever possible. We’re choosing places that have patio space in favor of places that don’t. We’re seeing other friends that are vaccinated, and planning to have board game nights at the house again. However, we’re still limiting how many people we see at once, and asking everyone if they’re fully vaccinated before inviting them to the house. The kiddo still can’t vaccinate, and we want to keep her as safe as we can.

It feels ALMOST worse doing JUST A BIT of what feels normal, but the days we do go out for lunch and brews are so nice. So, so nice. I’ve definitely missed it.

We’re planning some weekend trips through the fall, but we’ve agreed to not do any large board game conventions this year. It seems too risky for what it is. Especially considering I’ve barely played any board games for the past year. I do want to get back to my regular weekly board game night, but really not feeling quite ready of that.

Anxiety is fun. I’m constantly overthinking and second guessing. I’m sure, eventually, this will get easier.

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