Sims 4 Build – Culpepper House – # 17

To get myself hyped for rebuilding every world in Sims 4 I decided to start easy with some small apartments in San Myshuno. For each of the apartments I found a sim on the gallery, and built their apartment around their personalities. I’m trying to make sure I have diverse characters, jobs, traits, etc., and know that wouldn’t happen if I build every character myself. (I’m also insanely lazy when it comes to actually making the sims themselves).

This is going to be a 4 part series where I showcase each of the households in the Culpepper House apartments. First up will be Cassidy Honey (created by Astrofe on the Sims Gallery) in 17 Culpepper House. I SWEAR TO YOU this character came from the gallery, and I hadn’t even looked at her first name before placing her on the lot.

Cassidy is a knitter who sells her crafts on Plopsy and posts frequently on Simstagram. Her apartment may be small, but it’s colorful and bright to match her cheerful personality.

I have not uploaded this apartment to the gallery because I find uploading apartments to be a pain, but if you want to see any of my other builds you can find them under noajayne!

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