Sims 4 Build – Torendi Penthouse

A new job assuredly does open. I have, thankfully, only been unemployed for just under three weeks, and I started my new job today. I’m very excited to jump into this one, but that’s not why I’m posting today!

Since I’ve had some downtime I was able to work on and complete a large penthouse in my Sims 4 world rebuild. This took me quite a while. Large builds have never really been my style, and this one is very modern. I struggled, but feel proud of what I made in the end. I took more pictures of this build than I have most others, and I’m sure part of that is the shear size of the thing.

I made this house specifically for the Bailey-Moon family, but it’d be a great celerity family home!

This is a CC free build and can be found on the Sims gallery under the username noajayne. The lot title is Torendi Entertaining.

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