Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I received my first Covid vaccine yesterday. Is there really light at the end of the tunnel? I really want to say yes and believe it, but with the fact that even once we’re fully vaccinated we can still transmit to those that aren’t vaccinated leads me to believe the light is still far away.

Mostly we worry about the kiddo. We want to go out again. Visit breweries, see friends, do all the things we’ve missed for the past year, but with her not being able to vaccinate we still have to stay vigilant. Wear masks, don’t go out unnecessarily, etc. etc. I know for sure we’re looking forward to seeing friends again. Board game nights with other vaccinated friends, the occasional patio beverage at a local brewery since the weather’s getting nicer, pool parties this summer…

It feels ALMOST worse that we’re so close, but still so far away. Especially in a world where so many people are refusing to vaccinate (a large portion of my family included). I want to have hope that things will eventually return to some version of normal, so I’m going to try. Here’s to the upcoming summer!

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