Talking About Booze

I have been… Well, to be perfectly honest, over drinking. I haven’t been drinking daily, but when I do I generally don’t stop when I hit the good feels. I just keep going.

This has been apparent for a while, but it’s become more apparent as I’ve been working through intuitive eating. I’m learning that intuitive drinking is probably also a thing along with intuitive movement. Saturday night we had two friends over for the first time in… well, a very long time. I was nervous because of Covid things, excited because I haven’t seen friends in forever, and anxious because… do I even remember how to people in person? So I drank, and kept drinking. I distinctly remember getting to a point where I was like “I really don’t even taste this beverage anymore. I definitely have a good buzz going on. I should probably drink some water.”, but instead I just kept drinking because we were all having a good time.

There was absolutely no reason to keep drinking. Why did I do it? Habit? I really don’t know, and maybe I need to talk to a professional.

I’m writing this all here to get it out of my brain, put it out there, and maybe future me will remember writing this and step back from the booze.

I got some stuff to make fancy cocktails, and I think I’m going to get back to that. When I buy wine I really feel like I have to drink it quickly, but when I do fancy cocktails and make simple syrup I tend to drink fewer drinks while fully enjoying the taste of the beverage.

Again, all about being intuitive and listening to body signals. I can do this?

I can do this.

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