Girl Scout Cookies and Me

Still struggling a bit with back pain. It’s been much better lately, but I need to get up and stretch more frequently. However, the last two weeks I was so UGGHHH about not being able to do anything that I basically devoured six boxes of Girl Scout cookies on my own. I fully understood why I was eating them, and just let myself enjoy them instead of being upset with myself for eating an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting. When I realized how quickly I finished them all I did feel a little guilty, but I spent some time processing why. Mostly I’m sad they’re gone, but I’m not sad I ate them.

It feels good this week to be mostly back to normal. Not taking a muscle relaxer and falling asleep immediately has been great. Being able to actually do some simple housework and cooking again has felt nice. Actually being able to stream and play video games at the computer has been a great help to my mental health.

Overall, I think the intuitive eating thing is going well. I feel off of tracking on the food diary because it was feeling too much like calorie counting. I’m going to do some research and give it another go. I really just want to write down what I’m feeling before and after eating along with what I ate to get a full picture. We’ll see if I can find something that works without feeling like I’m guilting myself into eating “right”.

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