Sims 4 Build Challenges: 20k Starter

We’ve done a lot of builds using custom content. I challenged both of us to do a start home, a home under 20k, using NO custom content. You may ask why. The answer is simple, not everyone playing Sims 4 wants to build. Not everyone playing wants to use cheats to get money. Not everyone wants to use custom content.

This house will be less decorate, less cluttered, and have fewer pieces of furniture. That’s why it’s a starter. It has everything a Sim will need to get started. Libraries and other public lots in the game will be able to fill most other needs. The necessities for Sims lives are available in this house.

There is NO custom content in this build. It’s geared to new players or those that just want to get into a character’s story. This one I think I forgot to re-name and is just named after the lot it’s on: Rindle Rose. ID is noajayne to find this one on my gallery.

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