Hi, I’m Cassadi

I really thought about moving posts over from the old space, but I think I’m not going to. I want to start fresh here. I saw that all the time I feel like, but here we are. Starting fresh.

Since this space is .me I do intend to be my full self here. Basically I’m going to share whatever feels natural. I’m not going to force regular posting or regular types of posts because life moves differently than scheduled posts about eating health, working out, whatever.

Here are, however, some things you can expect from me:

  • Silly Animal Crossing shenanigans
  • Sims 4 builds and other random content
  • Food, diet, exercise updates
  • Random ramblings (like this post!)
  • Beer/Brewery visit posts
  • Maybe some stuff about the work I do? But probably not
  • Any other hobby related things or things that peak my interest

And there you go, welcome to this space. Hope you enjoy your visits.

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